EHR for Assisted Living, Group Homes and IDD

Confidently chart and pharmacy domain

Complete assessments, build care plans, and generate task lists automatically. Enjoy happier residents, longer stays, and more accurate billing. 

Automate compliance

ECP is compliant in all 50 US States, with out-of-the-box reporting for the compliance needs of each state and license type. Surveyor visits and state audits are worry and pain-free.  Decrease citations with automatic assessment tracking and audit documentation.

Never miss another care ​

Set fully customizable alerts and notifications to ensure no cares are missed. Alerts and notifications automatically generate a list showing which tasks are upcoming, due now, or overdue. Use the Daily Tasks Quick View to filter the task lists by shift, status, or individual.

Anywhere. On any device.

Charting is a breeze on ECP Mobile App, even if you don’t have the best internet connection. Offline charting capability allows charting on without having to resort to paper backups. The app can be used on any device that supports Microsoft, Apple, and Google app stores.

Improve outcomes with advanced incident reporting

From falls to behaviors, ECP’s incident report and investigation features provide a compliant and liability-minimizing tool for managing incidents.

ECP’s built-in data analysis tools help you identify trends and prevent incidents before they happen. Are all of your falls happening on weekends? Get the insights you need to take action. 

What Our Customers Say

ECP is an all around communication record system for residents. All information can be accessed no matter the location making oversight easier if not on sight and want to ensure care and treatment for residents. The blind narcotic count was a really nice feature as well as the app making this system easy to use no matter where you are.

About the company

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