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RxCare is an all-in-one system. Utilizing a pharmacy automation system can assure a productive output of your pharmacy business. It offers the most comprehensive and clinically advanced pharmacy solution.

Streamline your operations with our pharmacy management solutions


Pharmacy Management

RxCare helps to reduce your time and money because the daily transactions is being taken care by the automation.


Point of Sale

RxCare offers Point of Sale software to pharmacies nationwide. The RxCarePOS ensures accurate and seamless point of sales transactions. RxCare integrates with the Innovastra OneCare EHR, allowing for Insurance claims and ePrescription verifications. It is HIPAA compliant and works with online payment.


Revenue Cycle Management

RxCare RCM provides to help improve your financial performance. It improves claims payment accuracy. It is efficient in insurance coverage (including/excluding drugs) during the pharmacy billing process. It offers multiple level of data handling to ensure a seamless billing.


Patient Portal

Patients can access personal and family health information.


Delivery Services

The Mobile Delivery App allows for Rx order online. It collects and process payment online.


Business Solution

RxCare offers a wide range of business services customized for the needs of your pharmacy.

everything you need

one stop solution for pharmacy management

RxCare cater for the various pharmacy types using the cutting edge technology of the future. We help you get more profits from your pharmacy.

Manage all your pharmacies from single location

Accurate and efficient inventory management for your retail store.

RxCare meets the complex needs of hospital pharmacies.

solution for all pharmacy Types

RxCare features

RxCare, part of Innovastra, leader in end-to-end eHealth solutions for pharmacies.